Sunday, December 25, 2011

I must have been a very good girl, or a very bad girl

Santa has been and gone and we where also lucky enough to have the tooth fairy visit on the same night. My girls were delighted with the snow trail showing that Santa used our toilet and read my NW magazine in there (bad manners, at least he didn't take his milk and cookies in there too).  There were snowy foot and hand prints everywhere as evidence.

We left mounds of ripped paper, empty boxes, metal twists, battery wraps and piles of homeless presents EVERYWHERE!!! to go to church at Clontarf Beach Baptist Church and then to my Aunt and Uncle's home in Scarborough for fantastic day with family, filled with food, laughter, and waterfights.

Santa was very generous to me and you will be lucky to reap the benefits. Not only will my photos improve by leaps and bounds but I am writing this post on my new Chrome book. Pretty awesome. Any woo, it's now 7pm Christmas day which means I am nearly ready for bed.  The only thing that would make my day perfect would be a glass of Amaretto to sip after my lovely girls go to bed.

But, before I go to bed I will have a little bonfire with the NW Santa took to the toilet.

I hope your day was great too.

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