Monday, December 19, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

I unashamedly think of myself as make-up tart, foundation floozy, product junkie, lipstick addict, etc etc.   What I didn't know, was how much I didn't know. I have been so wrapped up in the beauty of the packaging, the scent of the products, the unattainable dream of perfection, the romance of hiding the years and completely missed the skill of application, the knowledge of products.

I have a friend, Rebecca Kate, who is a makeup artist.  I have known Rebecca for a few years and she always looks gorgeous.  I have seen work she has done and her clients are always happy and look amazing. So, I dug deep and worked up the guts to asked if she would drop by and give me a few hints.  She readily agreed.  Now, I could take this two ways:

1. She was tired of looking at my face with great products, poorly applied; or
2. She thought it would be really cool to hang out for an afternoon and talk makeup.

I have decided to go with the second choice because the other one is too painful and embarrassing to contemplate for too long.

Rebecca placed a stool in front of a mirror and over the course of an hour, educated me about products and application.  She would show me her product and then find a similar one in my stash, then show me a way to apply it.  The idea was that at the end of our lesson, I would be able to achieve a similar look with practice within 30 minutes and this time will reduce in time.  I do feel confident that I can achieve this.  But, that's not unusual, sometimes my confidence level exceeds my skill level.
There are not many people that I would place unflattering before photos up for, but the lesson was completely worth it.  Thank you Rebecca you are talented, awesome and I had a wonderful afternoon.

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  1. Thanks Katrina, she is very clever. I hope I'll remember it all when it counts.

  2. Rhubardwhine, thank you. I think it's noice too. I keep stopping whenever I walk past the mirror because it looks like a stranger.