Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dew Drops and Candle Shops

I am so lucky in my outings on the Peninsula because come across some fantastic people.  Jason Crumblin is one of those people.   Yesterday I took my girls to visit The Natural Candle Shop in Margate and Jason is the owner.  The three of us invaded his shop for quite a while and he was still so nice, kind and informative.  That alone is worth writing about.  This award winning business has recently opened on the Peninsula and will be moving all the stock from their Petrie shop over.  What a coop for Redcliffe!!  

Jason makes all the candles himself out the back of the shop. He has created, named all the blends and has fantastic memories attached to each blend. These are made with natural oils, natural colours and recycled glass. 
My girls were in heaven, picking up and smelling every, and I mean every single item. They were entralled by Jason and his walks down memory lane. They would ask him about a blend, he would tell a story about his mother or a meal or a memory. I would get so wrapped up in it, I would need that blend to take home.  At the moment I am at home reminising about a dessert he had once at the now closed Waterlilly's restaurant in Margate.  I am burning Parisienne Pears.   Later I think I have a glass of wine while reminising about his grandmothers rose garden.

When we got home, I pulled out my pile of colourful melts to take photos and I found it very hard to keep my dog away.  She also found the smells irresistible.

If you are still looking for some christmas presents.  You must stop by and have a look at the range.

The Natural Candle Shop
Shop 9 Wighton Street, Margate
07 3142 0824


  1. I love candles and I live in Margate and didn't know this shop was there. It looks nice, I can smell it already. Steff

  2. Hi Steff, you must drop by, you'll love it!