Friday, December 16, 2011

The Kris Kringle Rule breakers

You know the moment everyone is standing around the Christmas tree and you send in the little children to pick up present and deliver it to the named person? The recipient smiles, unwraps gift and discovers a pretty scarf and colourful bracelets, puts them on, and everyone coos how pretty she looks. She feels special and thanks her mystery gift giver.

The next gift is handed out to a smiling guest, he receives a box of international beers. He gives a manly laugh and a quiet, embarrassed thank you. The person opens a giant water pistol. Everyone is smiling, happy and joking.

Next gift, a lady receives a pretty wrapped gift, giggles and comments on wrapping, opens it to discover an iPad3. Silence.....what the???? She is happy, confused and embarrassed. She doesn't know who this mysterious gift giver is, but hopes that they aren't the receiver of her homemade toilet roll cover and rocky road, or even worse, some weird-arsed stalker. Awkward!!

The other guests are now looking at their scarf, water pistol, beer etc., wondering how they can google on it. They are now disappointed with their thoughtfully picked gifts.

I have no problem with Secret Santas or Kris Kringles, I fact I love them. I love that you have to put your energy into one special person. This may be a person you might not have put so much thought into previously. My problem is when people don't follow the Kris Kringle rules.

My husband completely disagrees with me on this.  Is it ok to buy someone a really expensive secret santa when a price limit has been set?

The Grinch


  1. Nope, not ok to break the price limit set at Kris Kringle time. I mean, no one will sniff at maybe $5 more than the limit but anything obviously out there feels rude to me. If you really want to get them that super duper present then buy two. The public one is a thoughtful little something something and then privately you give them the jaw dropper. Unless its your husbannd/wife. You are allowed to give them two!

  2. The two present idea is a good one! Plus, if he wants to blow the budget, he can do it on me.

  3. I think Kris Kringle rules need to be adhered to. Going over by a few dollars is ok, but anything more is not on. I also think family Kris Kringles should be set at a fairly decent dollar amount - not over the top, but enough so you can get a decent present and not something that will end up being donated to an opp shop months later or thrown own.

  4. Thank you Jodie, I completely agree with your wise words! Have a great weekend, Rachel

  5. Nope not ok to break the rules. Maybe a few dollars off but not some albeit thoughtful, super generous gift that would embarrass someone else. Plus I think the fun is in having to be thoughtful while being on a strict budget.

  6. Not ok at all. Everyone feels awkward! A few dollars over is fine, but to go way OTT just ruins the experience for everyone. Unless of course you're buying for me: then go ahead and get the iPad. I promise to be uber excited! Lol