Friday, December 9, 2011

Monkey Business

So I have had a loooong night.  My 8 year old had her first sleep-over birthday party.  There was only a couple of extra girls and these are really, lovely girls.  Was I naive to assume they would jump off to bed and fall asleep the moment I asked them too?  I thought I was pretty good letting them stay up slightly past bed time and generously give them 15 minutes of quiet talking time.  After an hour of humorous, then good natured, to annoyed, then grumpy warnings, I managed to get them asleep about 9/9.30pm.  I thought that was pretty good.  But seriously, what on earth could they have to say to each other, that requires them to wake up at 3.30am to start again??

So today, I needed to make my life a little easier and we went to Monkey Business in North Lakes.  Kids go crazy for this place.  I found a good spot to sit, stay, watch and work. I tried to arrange for coffee to be delivered intravenously, they couldn't help.  But, I did arrange back to back coffees and real cokes.  This was definitely a real coke day.  No diet or Zero. They have free Wi-Fi, so people like me can work on their iPad while the children exhaust themselves.  If I had more energy I would definitely have visited Sk8Mania at the other end.  I am a skater from way back.  I am not one to brag or anything, but last time I visited Sk8 Mania I won Red Rover.

Monkey Business/Sk8 Mania
3491 7275
3 Flinders Parade, North Lakes

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