Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pre Post - Kick boxing torture

Usually I write a post after an event but today I am writing before it.

This morning I am meeting Mark Kowalewycz from Genesis Rothwell.  He is a personal trainer, Muay Thai (kick boxing) champion but for an hour of today he will be my personal torturer.  We are doing  one-on-one Muay Thai training.  Because I will not be able to lift my arms and write afterwards, I am going to give you run down of the morning in advance.

An hour before I am due to meet Mark and I have to decide what to wear.  I want to look tough, street smart and confident.  I wish I had time for a tattoo.  My hair needs to be tied back.  I think I'll do variety of braids and twists. I think Mark will really appreciate the intricate fiddly details.  Deodorant, lip balm, a spritz of perfume and I am really to kick some Kickboxing champion ass.

I get to the gym 5 minutes early, enough time to empty my bladder.  I walk out of the toilet and see Mark and I need to empty my bladder again.  This man is huge, tanned, spiky blonde hair, if I wasn't so intimidating looking myself today I would be intimated.

We head upstairs to the arena, the bounce is slowly coming out of my step, my happy smile is gradually turning into a grimace.  I am not sure what happens over the next hour but it ends up with me in tears on the floor crying, my braids are loose, damp and frizzy, Mark doesn't look impressed and I need assistance to walk to the car.

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  1. He's my personal trainer as of a few weeks ago.. I have about 50kg to lose and he reckons he can get me there. I'm not quite a Muay Thai contender, but I'm looking forward to much better health and fitness! Love your blog :)