Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mild to wild

Occasionally, you come across something so great you wonder how you couldn't possibly already know about it.  While doing my usual trawling the internet for beauty/fashion/blogging/shoes, I came across a new cosmetics page.
I loved the look of the products, so crisp and clean, the playful names, the fantastic colours of eyeshadows and lip products. These are quality mineral products, formulated and hand crafted. I placed many, many items in my cart before realising that I was meant to be Christmas shopping for others and not myself. So after 30 minutes of dreaming and drooling, I decided to drop this company a little email.  They replied and we bounced our messages back and forth and then I discovered that they were located on the PENINSULA!! Only 5 minutes away from me.  Fate brought us together.

Not only are these gorgeous products they are also gluten free and not tested on animals. Gladys, you can test your products on me.  I would be a very happy little guinea pig.

I'll be posting again soon with photos of the gorgeous, fun products on the not so gorgeous but still fun me.
In the meantime, visit this site and like them on

de Leon Cosmetics
PO Box 4, Margate Beach, Qld, 4019

PS: The Best Beauty blog, one of my favourite bloggers recently wrote a small piece about de Leon,


  1. Squee! If there was ever a version of the blog world "eyes meeting across a crowded room" that would describe de Leon Cosmetics and Redcliffe Style. We sent simultaneous emails to each other and only the xmas madness kept us from meeting earlier.
    Love your work babe, keep it up and anything, just anything I can do for you let me know!


  2. Gladys, you can keep me along for the ride when you take over the cosmetics world. See you soon. R xxx