Sunday, December 18, 2011

Freebie Alert

I squealed with joy in Woolworth at Bluewater this morning when I saw this weeks issue of Grazia. Sure the article about "The New Power Bloggers" looked interesting (before you ask, no I was not mentioned, I think I might be about 85,000 viewers short a month) and the "Guide to Summer Style" looked informative but I was very excited about the FREE Model Co eyeshadow palette worth $39 attached.

There are 3 choices.  I naturally gravitated towards Bronzed Goddess palette and at the last moment decided to be wild, exciting and unpredictable and I chose the Smokey Eye. After taking it home to play I have decided to rename it "Punched in the Eye".

Lucky, tomorrow I have the wonderful and talented Rebecca Kate coming over to give me a much needed make up lesson.


  1. Model Co have great eyeshadows. I'm going to go and get some now. Thanks for telling us about the great freebie. Steff.

  2. Hi Steff, They do have great products and they are even better when they are free. Have a great day and thanks for reading - and commenting. We love comments!!

  3. What a great bargain and find. Love those colours. N x