Monday, December 26, 2011

Brazilian Bracelets

Early this month one of my favourite blogs, Styling You, ran a summer competition and I was lucky enough to win some jewellery by Kiki Joias.  Kiki Joias is a local company that specialises in Brazilian jewellery.

I generously thinking I might gift them to someone for Christmas but I received the pieces the day before Christmas and there was no way I could give them away. Look at them!! This gorgeous piece is called 10 Commandments.  The ten brown leather bands with gold looks fantastic with summer dresses and brown wedged heels. They have other colours too. I have been wearing it everyday since and people have been stopping me to comment.

These bracelets also have the honor of being the first items photographed in my new light box with my new Nikon micro lens.  The quality of the pictures are awesome, I wish I could take credit but Nikon deserves it. Thank you Styling You and Kiki Joias for my lovely Christmas present.


  1. These are lovely! Congrats on the win.

  2. Thanks Ozzie Thirftmumma, I was thrilled, I never win anything!

    Thanks for reading.

    Rachel xxx

  3. Hi Footprints Australia, They are very nice. They would be perfect for you, symbolising the 10 commandments. It's like the grown up version of the children's WWJD bracelets. Thanks for commenting. Rachel xx